‘This is the one’: The Covasettes’ new track might finally take them to where they need to be

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Music is difficult. There’s a knack to making music. There’s a knack to being in the right place at the right time. There’s a knack to performing live. But the biggest knack of them all, is to put a smile on someone’s face.


‘English Weather’, FEET’s blunt new track about our country’s climate, is a tune

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There’s loads of different types of people plying their trade in the music business right now, all with differing opinions on what makes a good tune. The easiest way to split them down the middle, though, is by separating those who have something serious to say and those who are just sniffing out a catchy song.

Corella release latest single ‘Let On’


Even though Britain has just seen it’s first snow for nearly a year, Corella’s penchant for penning sun-drenched summer tunes hasn’t stirred. After the release of ‘Island’ back in November, Corella, graduates of Manchester’s escalating indie scene, are turning up the heat in 2019. ‘Let On’, tinged with synthesised keyboards and space age sound effects, takes lessons from Blossoms’ eighties inspired tunes and encompasses the band’s range of instrumental talent.

It’s official: there’s going to be a new Catfish album (and here’s a new song too)


In 2013, when Catfish and the Bottlemen were still just a little band signed to Communion Records, Van McCann used to say that ‘meeting people’ was his favourite aspect of being in a band.

Six years on, Van and the gang have been all but under the radar for the past two and a half years – sparse runs of headline shows and summer festivals coupled with the odd Instagram post being the only contact the outside world has with the band since their massive second album ‘The Ride’ was released in May 2016.

Somehow, the quartet have managed to keep themselves surprisingly well hidden from the public eye in that time. But, with fans almost coming to the end of their tether awaiting news of a third album, they’ve finally got their patiently awaited reward.

A press release by the band’s PR team has confirmed there will be a new album in 2019. The news was released at the same time as the lead single ‘Longshot’ is being played for the very first time on BBC Radio 1 by Annie Mac, as her ‘Hottest Record in the World’.

It’s been a painstakingly long time for eager fans to wait, but after the tease of a new track in ‘Fluctuate’, which has been played during live shows over the past few months, we finally have what we’ve all been waiting for.

That’s all the news there is for now – but with a new song to wrap our ears around, 2019 is already looking bright for Catfish and the Bottlemen fans all over the globe.

You can listen to Longshot now on Spotify here!

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Catfish and the Bottlemen’s new song is being played on Radio 1 tonight


The wait is over. Catfish and the Bottlemen, Island Records’ most mysterious possession, have finally (yes, finally) arisen from the murky depths of indie dormancy and have announced what seems to be a new song.

The Indie Room’s Top 20 Songs of the Year


Well, this is it! 2019 is upon us and it’s fair to say that 2018 went by like it didn’t even exist, such was the pace of the year. It’s been a crazy year for indie music. It’s been the break out year for many a band, but for others it’s signalled the end, and we’ve lost quite a few bands who’ve called time along the way. We’ve had major label signings and line-up changes, but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that the year has produced some killer tunes (and albums) that hint that 2019 may have a lot in store for us. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

Disclaimer: Despite The Indie Room’s fervent desire to champion undiscovered music, we’ve unfortunately, as a one man team, not been able to listen to every song released in 2018. But we’ve tried our best!

Shropshire’s The Sunset Beach Hut release third single ‘Bury’

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BBC Introducing and BBC Shropshire are just two of the institutions championing Shrewsbury trio The Sunset Beach Hut this year since they released their debut single ‘Comfort’ and followed it up with ‘Upside-Down’. It’s been a busy year for the band, who’s gigging and recording schedule has seen them headline The Sunflower Lounge and support revered indie bands like Spinn and Stereo Honey.

‘Bury’, their latest effort, mirrors the sort of sound we heard from ‘Upside Down’ and is a distinct nod in the celestial direction that the band are heading. Floaty, psychedelic guitars and an upbeat tempo are crossed with a plucky, Arctic-Monkeys-esque riff and Far Eastern instrumentation. TSBH employ a sound similar to The Cardigans, though with less bubblegum, and more cloud.

Once again, the trio have paired impeccable vocal harmonies with subliminally catchy guitar lines and pop melodies. Evoking an aura of mystery and feather-weightedness, the band’s soon-to-be signature sound is being moulded solidly into their own and it’s as exciting to see where this song takes them as it is to see what they bring out of the locker next.